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Hi. My name is Dr Bruce Hoag, and I help entrepreneurs like you to find the compelling reason for your business, and to use its power to break through the barriers that hold you back.

A Big problem entrepreneurs face is that are so busy providing solutions and giving extraordinary value to their customers that they forget to give to themselves.

  • If they work too much, then their relationships will suffer. If they don't develop themselves, then their ideas will become out of date.
  • If they try to do it all themselves, then they can get distracted, procrastinate, etc, and their productivity will decline or stop altogether.

And the thing is that these people are all smart enough to know better, but they still don't change their behavior. 


What I see is that solopreneurs have a unique set of challenges that are exacerbated by their isolation.

The only people who understand what it takes to do what they're trying to do are their virtual friends and acquaintances who also happen to live on the other side of the world. It's not as if they can go have coffee together and discuss their common challenges. And it's that isolation that lies, in part, at the back of their problem with self-motivation. 

There are also various "hot-desking" companies around the world, where solopreneurs can rent a desk in a room filled with others like themselves who work online. They can have coffee together, help out one another, and provide moral support. But, both of those solutions presupposes a considerable level of success.

In other words, once your business is ticking over nicely, then you can afford to do that if you want to, though for most, domestic responsibilities or just a desire to have permanent digs prevents it.

Fundamentally, I can help you to learn how to overcome faulty thinking, which I believe is the number one problem.

What does that look like in "real" life?

It all begins with THOUGHTS.

- Thoughts are what you're thinking of.
- Thoughts come from what you read and listen to.
- Thoughts that are your biases which influence what you think about, what you read and listen to.

You decide which ones to believe and which ones to disbelieve, and what you do is determined by what you believe to be true.

If you're of two minds about something - if you're really lost, or stuck - then it's easy, even natural, to gravitate toward something that feels comfortable and predictable, and gives you a bit of a lift - a reward.


Helping people to motivate themselves to take action and to defeat the psychological barriers that stop them in their tracks.

If you are READY to Take Action and break this cycle!

It's Time to Work with Me Personally

Please, only apply to work with me on a 1:1 basis if you...

✔ Know it is time to change the WRONG Thoughts into RIGHT Thoughts

✔ Know it is time to change THOUGHTS into ACTION

✔ Ready to take ACTION and do the work that is needed

✔ Ready to invest and want to work with me knowing I will make you dig deeper than you ever have before.

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Not quite sure yet?

Why not visit my contact page? I'd would love to chat with you!

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