My name is Dr Bruce Hoag, and I help online solopreneurs like you to get the results you want by teaching you how to think differently.

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Would you like to discover what's really holding you back?

Read this Revolutionary new eBook.  Understand the Importance of WHY and Discover Your Compelling Reason to Take Action in both Business and Your Daily Life.

Discover Your Compelling Reason to Take Action in both Business & Everyday Life

Do you struggle to make progress because you can't see how to take the next step?

Are you frustrated because no matter what you do, you seem to keep going in circles?

Do you feel as though you're in a mental rut?

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Maybe you've:
Read books or PDFs on how to become more productive, avoid distractions, and overcome procrastination, or

Listened to podcasts, or

Watched videos or attended webinars

. . . all of which claim that they will teach you how to be more productive - to get your work done . . .

But . . . They all say pretty much the same thing.

Not only that, but you hate spending hours and hours trolling through a lot of material that's mostly fluff and which in the end doesn't get you any closer to your goals than you were when you started.

If that's true of you, then you'll love my new coaching program.

It's called How to Motivate Yourself to Take Action and Break Through the Barriers That Hold You Back.

It will help you to defeat the problems - the things that hold you back - rather than just treat the symptoms like the other stuff you've been watching, listening to, and reading.

sean mize

Bruce, I'm writing to tell you that your psychological insights about motivation, success, taking action and especially the deep understanding of "why" we think and do the things we do, are priceless! You have a very special knack for being able to cut deep and understand why someone is struggling, and the right psychological process for bringing them out of the struggle.

Your daily emails are worth their weight in gold . . . and I'm waiting to see your big program, because it's going to radically change lives.

Sean Mize,
Author, Anyone Can Coach

Here are a couple of sample videos that will help you to understand how I can help you to motivate yourself so that you'll take action.

Without Action, Nothing Happens.

The Value of “Do Nothing” Time

Raymond Chandler, author of books such as The Big Sleep, The Long Goodbye, and Farewell, My Lovely, had an unbreakable rule. He always followed it, and it always worked.   He became a writer when he was laid off during the Great Depression. Getting a job in those days was a challenge for young men.…

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Fill Your Glass

The measure of optimism or pessimism is often thought of in terms of whether your glass is half-full or half-empty. Those who believe that the glass is half-full see the potential to add more. Those who see it as half-empty believe that what is there already is as good as it gets.   Those who…

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How to Organize Your Life

Have you ever wished that you could organize your life?   Think about what your life is like. You’ve probably divided it into a lot of compartments. Your job is in one compartment. Your house is in another. Your family is in another. Your friends are in another. The list goes on. Maybe you have…

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