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Posts by Bruce Hoag

How to Defeat the Bright Shiny Object Syndrome

There’s a certain received wisdom that only engineers and Internet marketers suffer from what is known as the Bright Shiny Object Syndrome. For some reason, they have been singled out as the two groups of people who are attracted to new things. Of course, you know that that’s nonsense. The United States and other western economies…

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How to Break the Cycle of Distractions

If you’re going to tackle the besetting problem of distractions, then you have to eliminate the causes. Treating the symptoms will have no effect. It might mitigate the problems temporarily, but it will not make them go away.   There are many reasons – causes, if you prefer – for how and why you’re distracted.…

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The Psychology of Sales Letters

If you’re an online entrepreneur, then you know something about what we call sales copy, sales letters. Sales letters are written in a way that will persuade readers to buy whatever product is being offered. They contain a number of sections, each of which is designed to take readers on an emotional journey – from feeling frustration…

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Distractions: Flowers in the Wrong Place

In this article, we’re going to talk about flowers, weeds, and distractions. They are related, so stay with me. Read it carefully and think about how what is said here applies to you. What is a flower? You don’t have to be a botanist or horticulturalist to answer this question. Most of us know a…

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Comfortably Uncomfortable

Steve Siebold, in his book 177 Mental Toughness Secrets talks about how champions – those with a world-class mindset – learn to become comfortable with being uncomfortable. He goes on to say that those who are ordinary – those he calls “middle class” want to be comfortable above all else. The choice is real, and the…

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