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How to Use Procrastination to Get Your Work Done

Imagine the last time you witnessed a temper tantrum. Chances are that it was from one or more small children. They were probably with Mom or Dad. They saw something on the shelf that they wanted and took the initiative to put it in the shopping basket. At the checkout, there was a difference of…

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Are You Easily Distracted?

Are you easily distracted? Do you struggle to focus? If so, then it means that you’re just like millions of other people who live on this planet, and it’s because there are so many things that are clamoring for our attention. For example, in a typical hour of TV, you get about 19 minutes of 15-30…

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Choosing to be Ordinary

You’ve heard about the fear of failure. You may even have heard that some are afraid to succeed. In both cases, that fear causes people to stop what they’re doing and to revert to their old behaviors. Have you ever wondered why? Jon Acuff, in his book Start! Punch Fear in the Face, points out that…

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Living Out of Your Memories, or Imagining the Future

I don’t just read books. I study them. On the first pass, I mark and underline words, sentences, and ideas with colored pencils: Dark green for profound truth; light green for something great, but not quite up to the standard of dark green; orange for statements worth noting, blue for other books I ought to…

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The Fear of Missing Out

Do you ever do something because you’re secretly afraid that if you don’t you’ll miss out on something that’s important? Think, for example, of the things you’ve done after you realized that you just wasted a few hours. You know what that’s like. You decide that today will be different. No more wasting time. And…

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