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Demonetization: How to Deal with the Threat to Your Business

In a presentation given in 2017, Peter Diamandis said that nearly everything in the world as we know it today will be demonetized down to its marginal cost. Energy Food Communication Education Healthcare Transportation Water Housing Entertainment Information Insurance Labor These changes are visible already in some areas.   Transportation Depending on where you live,…

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Are You Congruent with Yourself?

In geometry, the word congruent means equal, but outside of that context it means to agree. And the question is, “Do you agree with yourself?” Are you congruent with yourself? Now that may sound like a philosophical consideration to be reserved for a time when you’re struggling with insomnia, but I assure that it’s not. In fact, it’s…

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Disrupt, or Disrupted? That is the Question

It should come as no surprise that many would-be entrepreneurs are trying to figure out how to create an innovative business by doing what everyone else is doing already. There’s a good reason for that. It’s because when they look at other businesses, all they see are solutions. Pick any business you like. What you…

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How to Face Your Fears

This article is entitled How to Face Your Fears.  Did you notice that the last word was plural? There’s a subtle, but important difference between it and the more common singular version.Fear is a general feeling that’s unspecified. Fears, on the other hand, are specific.You could have a sudden, but inexplicable foreboding, and we’d classify that as fear;…

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The Road Not Taken

In 1920, Robert Frost wrote a poem entitled “The Road Not Taken.” In it, he described a choice in life, whether to take one path or another; whether to go to the right or to the left. And his regret was in the fact that he could not travel along both, for each held its…

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