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Posts by Bruce Hoag

Are You Lonesome?

The movie, The Loneliness of a Long Distance Runner, tells the story of a rebellious teen who uses running as a means to escape a world that he sees as unnecessarily restrictive. Normally, running is an isolated activity. You know from your own experience from just driving around that it’s unusual to see more than one…

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Are You Keeping Your Eye on the Ball?

In a TEDx talk, social psychologist Emily Balcetis discussed some research that she and her team had done in the area of fitness and exercise. They wanted to know why some people found it harder to do than others. Most of us would assume that those who were already in good shape would think it…

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Is Passion Enough?

One of the most overused words in business is the word passion. It seems that everyone has it, but is utterly convinced that no one knows that they do.  This is evidenced by the ubiquity of the word on countless websites and in statements that entrepreneurs make about their attitude towards their work. It reminds…

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Demonetization: How to Deal with the Threat to Your Business

In a presentation given in 2017, Peter Diamandis said that nearly everything in the world as we know it today will be demonetized down to its marginal cost. Energy Food Communication Education Healthcare Transportation Water Housing Entertainment Information Insurance Labor These changes are visible already in some areas.   Transportation Depending on where you live,…

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Are You Congruent with Yourself?

In geometry, the word congruent means equal, but outside of that context it means to agree. And the question is, “Do you agree with yourself?” Are you congruent with yourself? Now that may sound like a philosophical consideration to be reserved for a time when you’re struggling with insomnia, but I assure that it’s not. In fact, it’s…

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